Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

We offer a range of Savings accounts designed for various needs.

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Everyday Saver

Is a day to day transaction account with your funds available either at the Credit Union office or through the use of an EFTPOS/ATM card. Interest is paid annually. There are no transactional or account keeping fees other than those that relate to EFTPOS/ATM.

Christmas Club Saver

This account allows you to save for that expensive time of the year. Balances are not available until December each year and are then paid to your Credit Union Savings Account along with the annual dividend. Typically members start saving in January and with a regular payment of say $20.00 per week will have saved $900.00 to $1,000.00 for Christmas expenses. Early payments from the account will be allowed if the funds are required to book Christmas travel but requests must be supported by a letter from a Travel Agent outlining proposed travel dates.

Education Saver

This savings account is designed to provide for those school expenses such as books, fees and uniforms at the beginning of each year. It works in the same manner as the Christmas Club Saver but is not paid out until mid to late January each year, just in time for the new school year.

Premium Saver

Is designed to assist in gaining a loan. Members have the potential to borrow four times the value of savings through a Loan Provider Loan. Withdrawals from Premium Saver are available only after 2 weeks notice in writing but can be accessed immediately through an Instant Loan. Because funds are not available on demand the account generally earns a higher dividend rate than other accounts.

Budget Saver

Is designed to provide savings for those regular bills such as rent, insurance or car registration. Payments can be made either by automatic payment, transfers to other accounts or by cash at the Credit Union counter. A charge of $0.35 applies to each electronic payment made.

Term Deposits

We offer Term Deposits for periods between 3 and 24 months with rates that compare favourably with those from other organisations. Click here for details of current deposit rates.

Target Saver

The Target Saver is an account where the member nominates the total amount they wish to save (Target Amount) and the date that they wish to have saved it by (Target Date). We will calculate the weekly/monthly payment required to meet that savings goal. Interest is paid monthly.


Fisher & Paykel Credit Union deposits are unrated shares secured by a first ranking registered Trust Deed. A current Product Disclosure and other disclosure are available here or on request.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union is a licensed Non-Bank Taker, licensed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under Section 14 of the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Act 2013.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union is proud to be a Credit Union and not a registered bank.