Rates on Savings and Loan Provider Savings Accounts are paid by way of annual dividend which is dependent on our annual profit.

Term Deposits

As from 1 April 2020 our Investment Rates will be as follows for amounts up to $100,000.

3 months

2.30% pa

6 months

2.85% pa

9 months

2.85% pa

12 months

2.80% pa

18 months

2.80% pa

24 months

2.80% pa

Rates are subject to change without notice and acceptance of deposits is at the discretion of the Trustees and in line with the Credit Unions funding needs.

Lending Rates

Special Loans

16.50% - 17.50% pa

Loan Provider Loans

12.25% pa

Motor Vehicle Loans

10.95% pa

The actual interest rate you will pay depends on a number of factors including the loan term, the loan size, your credit history, your personal financial position and the quality of the security offered by you.

Default interest rates

Default Interest rates are not imposed.

Credit Fees and Charges

Establishment Fee Payable when a loan is made $70-$100
Variation Fee Payable when we agree to change the structure of your loan. $40
Credit Check Veda fee on charged where a Credit reference is required$6.55
PPSR Fee on charged for registering interest over security such as motor vehicle$20.00
Autocheck Fee on charged for confirming details of M/V taken as security$13.30

Default Fees

Default fees are not imposed.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated Loan Agreement General Terms

Click on the PDF icon below to see our current Loan Agreement General Terms document:

pdf Loan Agreement General Terms (PDF)

All rates are subject to change in terms of loan agreements and at the Trustees discretion.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is not a registered bank – but is a registered Credit Union. Shares in the Credit Union are secured by a First Ranking Trust Deed. A registered Prospectus outlining the Terms of Offer for Debt Securities, an Investment Statement as required under the Securities Act 1978 and individual Investment Adviser Disclosure documents are available to you free of charge at the Credit Union.

An exemption Notice applies to the Credit Union because it has liabilities of less than $20 million and it would be unduly onerous and burdensome for the Credit Union to comply with the requirements to have a credit rating.

The creditworthiness of the Credit Union is therefore not rated by a rating agency approved by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under section 157J of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989.


Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated deposits are unrated shares secured by a first ranking registered Trust Deed. A current Product Disclosure and other disclosure are available here or on request.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is a licensed Non-Bank Taker, licensed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under Section 14 of the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Act 2013.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is proud to be a Credit Union and not a registered bank.