Loans are available for most needs such as cars, boats, caravans, motorbikes, appliances, special events and holidays. The type of loan offered will depend on your personal circumstances and needs. The style of loan offered may also be subject to change at the discretion of the Board.

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Motor Vehicle Loans

These loans are available for the purchase of cars, boats, caravans etc and are subject to some special conditions. If you are considering such a purchase see us first. Offer applies to vehicles with a maximum age of 8 years at the time of financing with payments (Principal & Interest) over 5 years. Minimum weekly payments apply. Our rates are generally lower than car dealer Hire Purchase or even some bank personal loan rates.

All loans are subject to our normal lending criteria.

Rates vary depending on Loan type.

Loan Agreements, Credit Fees and Terms & Conditions

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Loan Insurance

LoanMinder Loan Protection Insurance is an affordable way to make sure you and your family won't have to worry about loan repayments if the unexpected happens. You can choose between Life, Trauma, Disability, Redundancy and Bankruptcy or any combination depending on your circumstances.

Some conditions apply so please ask at the Credit Union for more information.


Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated deposits are unrated shares secured by a first ranking registered Trust Deed. A current Product Disclosure and other disclosure are available here or on request.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is a licensed Non-Bank Taker, licensed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under Section 14 of the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Act 2013.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is proud to be a Credit Union and not a registered bank.