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Credit Union

Welcome to the Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated; a financial cooperative proudly operated for the benefit of its owners, the staff of the Fisher & Paykel family of companies.

The Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is not a Registered Bank - rather it is a Registered Credit Union.


The Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is 100% owned by its members for their mutual benefit.

The majority of Banks in New Zealand are public listed companies whose first priority is to return a profit to its shareholders.

Credit Unions are cooperative groups whose motivation is to provide products and services to its members with competitive interest rates on savings and low cost loans. Few fees are charged and are kept to a minimum. Profit is returned annually to members by way of a dividend.

Who Can Join and How

Membership is open to all employees of the wider Fisher & Paykel group of companies in New Zealand, their partners and children.

Joining is as easy as completing the application form and bringing it to the Credit Union along with identification such as a drivers licence or passport. At that stage you can decide the type of account that will best suit your needs.


The Credit Union is governed by a Board with a maximum of 12 Directors, elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting. All members are eligible to stand for election.

The Board determines, and implements the policies of the Credit Union and is responsible for the general management of its affairs and records.

An Audit Committee, elected by the Board, conducts regular in house audits.

Legal Protection
The Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated was registered and operates under a Registered Trust Deed.

On the 5th April 2001, after a change in Government legislation, the Credit Union entered into a Trust Deed.

This initiative was designed to provide members of all Credit Unions an assurance that the financial stability of the Credit Union was being monitored.

Download Trust Deed

Product Disclosure Statement

A registered Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available to you free of charge at the Credit Union or by downloading the link below.

Product Disclosure Statement

Shares in the Credit Union are secured by a First Ranking Registered Trust Deed.

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is not a registered bank - rather it is a registered Credit Union.

The Directors

Jennifer Trittschuh-Valles


Nicola Talbolt


Andrew Burrows


Ian McGill


Michael Richardson


Nick Webb


Grant Gillingham


Kelsi Benge


Ana Fiu


Legal Disclosure

Fisher & Paykel Credit Union Incorporated is a Registered Credit Union, Licenced by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Act 2013. It is not a Registered Bank.

Shares in the Credit Union are secured by a First Ranking Trust Deed. A product disclosure statement is available to you free of charge. Download statement.

The Credit Union is not required to obtain a credit rating as it operates under the exemption contained in the Deposit Takers (Credit Ratings Minimum threshold) Exemption Notice 2009. The creditworthiness of the Credit Union is therefore not rated by a rating agency approved as defined in the Non-bank Deposit Takers Act 2013